Established in 2019, Common Threads Press is a small press that specialises in radical histories of crafts and making. 

We publish zines and curate events that uplift histories of creative work. Our publications are written collaboratively with early-career researchers, writers, students and academics from all around the world, who share a love and interest in craft histories.

We are inspired by the history of independent grassroots publishing that uplifts the culture, activism and politics that we don't typically see in mainstream publishing. We aim to give space to voices that explore the relevance, importance and role that craft continues to play in our cultural and creative experiences.

What is a zine?

A zine is a small, self-published or handmade booklet that nurtures radical action. They can be an artwork, an act of documentation or an educational resource — but crucially they are anything you want it to be. The designation ‘zine’ signifies less about the content of the publication than it indicates its existence outside of mainstream publishing channels. For hundreds of years, zines have served underrepresented communities, uplifting the voices of those most frequently dismissed.

About the Founder

Laura Moseley is currently the Assistant Curator of the Women's Art Collection and a craft researcher based in Cambridge. 

Laura has an BA in History of Art from the University of York, winning the dissertation prize for the thesis 'Indigenous and Modern Textiles: Ancient America in the Work of Anni Albers and Cecilia Vicuna' and an MA from University College London in History of Art, also winning the dissertation prize for the thesis 'A Diary of Touch: Rhetorics of Queer Identity in Contemporary Quilting Practices'.

Common Threads Press was established as Laura finished her BA, upon recognition that it was possible to realise a world of art history that was open to people from all research areas, backgrounds and financial situations, rather than a select few. Their experience making zines as a teenager and being President of the University of York Feminist Society was formative in giving Laura the skills needed to start the project. Our first bit of funding came from the Santander Student Business competition, run by the University of York, which Laura won in May 2019. 

Laura has worked with arts institutions including the Norwich Castle Museum, Latitude Festival, and the Women's Art Collection on projects related to social art histories, activist materials and political textiles. They have also run several events in the UK related to self-publishing, art history and activism, including the recent Norwich Zine Fair and Latitude Zine Fest. 

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The Team

Natalie Bell-Surette

Eleanor Gaffney

Orla Heather Bond

Jameka Jennings-Baugh

Gabby Richards Wood

Chris Shortt


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