Established in 2019, Common Threads Press is an arts publishing project that aims to make art history more affordable, accessible and community oriented. Here in Norwich, we publish zines, deliver workshops and curate events that look at the intersection of art history and activism. Our zines are written collaboratively with early-career researchers, students and academics from all around the world. The zines are stocked in bookshops and art galleries around the UK, including the Tate Modern and the Whitworth.

At Common Threads Press we are particularly interested in researching and sharing the radical potential of textiles in art history. Just as with zines, we have historically turned to textile mediums to tell our stories. This year we will be publishing two titles in a special series titled ‘Stories in Cloth: Two Zines on Radical Textile History’. The first is ‘Many Hands Make A Quilt: Short Histories of Radical Quilting’ written with quilter and art historian Jess Bailey. The second is ‘Diasporic Threads: Black Women, Fibre & Textiles’ written with textile artist and arts educator Dr Sharbreon Plummer.