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Working Together

Common Threads Press is available to help you bring a zine project to life, whether this is through workshops, research, activity packs or collaborative zine-making. We are open to different ideas so please don't hesitate to email at hello@commonthreadspress.co.uk.


All freelance projects are coordinated and completed by the founder of Common Threads Press, Laura Moseley.

Below are details of previous projects that I've worked on to give you an idea of what type of thing we can do together!


Upcoming or Ongoing Projects

'Women of the Norwich School' - Collaborative Zine with Norwich Castle Museum

For this project, I am working with a group of 'community curators' ages 14-17 that meet regularly at the Norwich Millennium Library, to produce a zine for the Castle Museum.

Through a series of workshops, we are conducting first-hand art-historical research into the women artists of the Norwich School, a regional group of painters from the 19th century. 

After guiding the young people through the research phase, I am collating all the research into a zine that will be sold in the Norwich Castle Museum shop. 


Past Projects

Norwich Millennium Library Zine Workshops


To celebrate the opening of the Norwich Zine Library in the Norwich Millennium Library, I will be conducting two zine workshops. One around the written and printed ephemera produced during the Women's Liberation Movement in Norwich, and another general zine-making workshop.


This is also part of the celebration of the 'Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women's Rights' exhibition from the British Library, which will be on display in the library in 2020. 

Young Norfolk Arts - Zine Workshops and Zine Commission 

Young Norfolk Arts is a charity that provides opportunities for children and young people to create and engage with creativity and culture across Norfolk. As part of their annual Young Norfolk Arts Festival (YNAF) – a celebration of creativity and performance by and for young people in Norfolk, they have commissioned me to work with the young people to create a zine about their work on the Festival. 

This requires workshops with the young people, inviting them to reflect on their participation in YNAF, which I will collate into a zine to be distributed in Norfolk.

I will also be working with the organisation to create a zine to accompany the Young Norfolk Visual Arts (YNVA) programme and exhibition. This will include curators highlights and insights into the ideas behind the exhibition. ​

Digital Literature Practitioner for Literature Works

Pink and Peach Freeform Art Instagram Po

As part of my ongoing work with Literature Works, I spent a week in August 2020 delivering zine-making workshops and guidance for young writers as part of their Quay Words programme.

All of the workshops took place over one week with zoom sessions and email correspondence. I helped the young people develop their ideas to make their own zine with the theme of 'nature' to prompt them.

Festival Bridge - 'Let's Create' Zine Activity Pack

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I was commissioned by Festival Bridge and the Local Education Partnerships in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough or Suffolk to make a zine-making digital resource for children and young people.

The resource was aimed at those who didn't have access to the internet, and was appropriate for people from a range of different backgrounds and areas in the UK. 


The resource was presented on one side of A4 paper using simple language and diagrams. It didn't require specialist materials or skills and included ideas on how to make the activity suitable for different ages. 

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Kick the Dust Zine-Making Video Workshop


Kick the Dust is an organisation for aimed at young people aged 11-25, to help them engage in heritage and to be more involved in Norfolk Museums Service. They commissioned me to creative an online zine-making workshop to deliver to the young people during covid-19 lockdown, to encourage them to use zines as a medium to explore their experiences of the pandemic. 

This was accompanied by a PDF instructional guide, and 'bitesize' zine-making instructions for them to share on social media. 

YMCA Zine-Making Workshop

Kick the Dust also commissioned a zoom zine workshop with the young people at the YMCA in Great Yarmouth. We had a live zoom workshop where I explained what zines are, the history behind them, and showed them how to make their own.

I also showed them how to reproduce their finished zine, gave them ideas for content, and talked about how to engage further with zines beyond that workshop. 


Creative CoLab Zine-Making Video Workshop

Creative CoLab is an arts organisation in Worcestershire that provides arts workshops in community and educational settings for young people.

They commissioned me to create a 30-minute zine workshop about zines and their use in feminist and LGBTQ activism. The video outlines different methods of making zines, their history in political movements, and how you can make your own. This includes how to make one, how to fill it, how to reproduce it, and how to engage in your local zine community through zine fairs and zine libraries.