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Thank you for your interest in submitting to Made by Women Zines!

Please carefully read the guidelines below before you submit.

This zine is all about celebrating art and creativity by women, non-binary and/or queer people, so please only consider submitting if you feel you are part of this. When we say 'women' we refer to anyone who identifies as such, this is a trans-inclusive space and we will never challenge how you choose to identify.


Please send your pitch ideas for new work to, after consulting the guidelines below.


This issue aims to bring together different voices and perspectives on queer art history. It will look at how sexuality and gender have influenced the work of artists of the past and present, and explore the different ways that art history can write on this topic. 

Written pieces:

For this issue we have the opportunity for longer written pieces, that will be paid £40 each. 

  • Word count of the piece would be around 800-1000 words.

  • In your pitch, please outline your idea for the piece and how it relates to the theme of the issue.

  • These will mostly take the form of short essays/articles.

Artist Profiles:

For this issue we have the opportunity for artists profiles that will be paid £25 each. 

  • These will be 400 words in total.

  • Please outline which artist you would like to write about and how they relate to the theme of the issue.

Visual pieces:

For this issue we have the opportunity for illustration/art pieces that will be paid £30 each.

  • Please outline what you would illustrate and how it would relate to the theme of the issue.

All other work:

  • We have a budget for work that is not covered above and ideas for this are welcomed, we want to hear from you with interesting and new ideas! Just make sure it relates to the theme of the issue and hasn't been submitted elsewhere before.

  • This could be a painting analysis, poetry, a reading list etc.

Important: All work must be original and not be submitted elsewhere, including other magazines, blogs or social media. 

Please include your full name and pronouns when submitting.
Submissions poster created by Ceara Coleman @cear_a_rt