Hello! My name is Laura and I am the Founder of

Common Threads Press.

I graduated from the University of York in July 2019

in BA History of Art, during which I started making these zines about women artists I'd discovered

during my studies. I felt that there were many

women and queer artists who were being ignored or forgotten about during the course of Art History. I wanted a way to share all of my research that was easy to read, and accessible in cost, and I have been a fan of zines for a long time, so it made perfect sense!

What started as zines about women artists has evolved into printing zines about a wide range of topics within art history. I hope to keep uplifting different voices and perspectives in art history and help others make their own zines.

As of September 2020 I am completing a Master's degree at University College London in History of Art. In my spare time I like to read, watch films, quilt, weave and try different creative activities!

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India Minter is a designer who specialises

in image creation and illustration. India is passionate about feminism and gets involved in any opportunity to celebrate other women and their art. India's work involves a variety of mixed medias including screenprinting, lino cutting,

hand crafting and a range of digital creations.

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Ceara Coleman is a Norwich-based freelance illustrator graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 2018. Her work is largely inspired by everyday musings, fashion and popular culture as well as contemporary comic arts. She often creates characters inspired by herself and young women around her. Her work is mostly hand drawn and then digitally reworked and coloured.

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Contemporary Illustrators

Thanks to our talented illustrators, each issue of the zine has a unique look with illustrations made specially for that issue.

Here is a list of all the illustrators that have featured in our zines and their instagram handles for you to check out their work.

Artemisia Gentileschi 
by Rachael Siddall
Tarsila do Amaral by Fernanda Peralta
Pauline Boty
by Ceara Coleman
Tamara de Lempicka
by Syada Yunos
Sonja Sekula
by Mirna Rajakovic
Claude Cahun
by Alice Buckingham
Amrita Sher-Gil 
by Stuti Uniyal
Hannah Ryggen 
by Olivia Wilson
Cover Art
Ali Durman
Barbara Hepworth 
by Amy Ryan Brew
Eileen Gray 
by Tillie Crawford Miller
Georgia O'Keefe 
by Alice Buckingham
Lee Krasner
by Hayley Wells
Louise Bourgeois 
by Rachael Siddall
Betye Saar
by Jessica Sharville
Mickalene Thomas by Brooke Morgan
Women of the Bauhaus by Mahalia Curtis-Lundberg
Clementine Hunter
by Megan Dobbyn
Frida Kahlo
by Zoe Jackson
Lola Bravo Alvarez 
by Dy
Emma Amos 
by Marcie Mintrose
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